Sexigasanna.com Burgers and BeesBzzzzzzzz. Bees first. I did these a while back. They were some of my first attempts at turning cake pops into little creatures. Since doing them Ive seen other variations shared by readers that are pretty darn cute too. Some with smaller wings using jumbo white heart sprinkles that I think are just darling. Ill try to post some of them in the Pop Stars section in the future. But until then I hope these spark some ideas for you.Follow the instructions for making basic cake pops shaping the balls into ovals and use the following to decorate.Youll needYou can prepare the wings ahead of time. Use a round cutter to cut away a small section from each white candy melt. You want the curve to be similar in shape to the side of the cake pop so you can attach it without much of a gap.Dip the pops in yellow coating. When dry use a black candy writer to pipe on stripes and then dip the wing

Mmarathixxx How To Make Lush Cupcake Face Mask At HomeHello Gorgeous LadiesToday I will be writing about how I make my own version of Cupcake Face Mask from Lush. I have always read or heard girls complaining about Lush Cupcakes short shelf life so I thought why not make my own version of this amazing face mask. You can make batches according to your requirement and convenience. All the ingredients used are natural and easily available. I was browsing through Lushs website and found a video in which they actually show how they make this mask. That inspired me to try and recreate it. So lets get startedOriginal ingredients Used in Lush Cupcake MaskRhassoul mud Linseed Infusion Glycerin Cocoa powder Cocoa butter fresh mint Sandalwood oil Peppermint oil Vanilla Absolute Spearmint Oil.Things Needed To Make Lush CupcakeI have mentioned the quantity of ingredients to prepare a batch which can suffice for a single application.Mint leaves Quantity 46 spr

Big bumble bees sting chattercams.netBanana Cake with Cinnamon Brown Sugar ButtercreamUse up those old bananas in a fancy new way This ultra moist cake with light and airy whipped cinnamon brown sugar buttercream is going to make everyone swoon.Dish Count 2 8 cake pans 1 Mixer 2 Mixing BowlsThere comes a time in every bakers life where her husband doesnt eat all of the bananas she buys him every week and they end up looking like sad little slugs on the counter top. That combined with the overwhelming banana bread burn out just means that she must find another use for those bananas that is equally delicious and a procrastination tactic for her upcoming move to her first home.This is howwe ended up where we are today. Procrastination can pay offWe are closing on our first house in a touch over a week and now the urgency of packing has hit us. Its a complete Oh Shit moment thinking

Sexy great grandmother chat site So Bake Off is gathering pace on the telly AND its National Cupcake Week.Basically its cake time.Yes a week dedicated entirely to cupcakes with a Cupcake Championships cake bakeoff and everything.So whether youre a pro with the frosting bag or an enthusiastic amateur now is the time to get your pinny on and get baking.But if youre going to all that trouble of getting your whisk dirty you may as well make it count.To help your cupcakes standout from the crowd weve put together 15 unusualcupcakerecipes you can try at home.Tweet us your cupcake picsMetroUKLi